1911 African Purple Heart Wood Pistol Grips
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1911 African Purple Heart Wood Pistol Grips. These grips photographed redder in appearance than they actually are. They have a darker color in person. These grips have been stabilized by pulling the liquid stabilizer into the grips with a negative airflow system. This seals the fine pores of the antlers, bone, or wood. This process helps protect the grips from humidity and dry climates. Please be aware that these grips may not fit your frame perfectly. The only way to ensure a 100% fit is to have grips custom made for your gun frame. Sales tax, if applicable, is included in price. Note: If a gun is shown in the photos, it is for display purposes only. We DO NOT sell guns. The grips you see in the photos are the actual grips you will receive. They are ready for immediate shipment when payment is received. You can not order more than one of each grip photographed due to the unique nature of each item.
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1911 African Purple Heart Wood Pistol Grips

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